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Rapidly meet your fundraising targets by dispatching tailored messages daily to prospective investors through LinkedIn and Email, entirely automated.

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"There are various similar services that help you make "warm introductions" to potential investors. I have tried several. If you look at the success rate, Storm X is by far the best. In addition, the staff have a humble approach and work to customize MY company in the best possible way. We experience a good dialog with individual adaptations where necessary. I give Storm X my best recommendations to all startups out there."
Trond Are Gjone
CEO of Fishbuddy by Fiskher
"Storm X have been incredibly useful in helping to coordinate our investment outreach efforts. Their depth of sectoral knowledge, quality data collection and cutting edge tools empowered us to connect with investors from across the globe. This is a great service for entrepreneurs trying to gain investment - whether they don’t know where to start or are looking to ramp up their outreach."
Paul Clarke
CEO of Ardoda

Why Should You Choose Storm X?

Boost investor engagement 10X by exploring multiple communication platforms

Develop a diverse investor pipeline using your LinkedIn network, the Storm X data team, or your LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Engage with investors on LinkedIn and then continue the conversation with a custom email. Completely Automated!

Engage with potential investors effortlessly across various platforms, significantly improving your chances of forming a connection.

Built from scratch investor databases strategically collected for your business

Storm X provides access to dedicated data researchers who hand-pick qualified investors for your campaigns. That’s right, no automated scraping tools or proprietary databases.

Hand-picking investors from scratch enables you to have the highest engagement on all investor outreach efforts.

Foster trust with investors through large-scale personalization

Imagine being able to automatically dispatch bespoke messages tailored to the prospective investor’s industry, location, or role. 

With our template collection and customizable snippets, you can fine-tune your outreach messages for each investor.

Streamline the investor marketing process

Our integrated LinkedIn CRM tool allows for efficient management of your business contacts with tagging, notes, filters, and more.

Gain a holistic view of your fundraising activities and concentrate on nurturing valuable relationships effortlessly.

Save over 10hrs per week so you can focus on building meaningful investor relationships

Time is invaluable, and it’s vital to allocate as much as possible to crucial aspects of your business. 

Automate monotonous tasks to focus on engaging and guiding investors towards investment opportunities.

The Leading Investor Relations Automation Tool

LinkedIn has emerged as the premier social network for startups seeking potential investors. Employing an automation service like Storm X on LinkedIn can further broaden your professional network and engage with more investors on the platform.

Combined with our curated investor lead generation, startups have successfully initiated 30-50 new investor dialogues monthly, making their fundraising more efficient.

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