Investor Profiling 101: Delving Deep into the Minds of Your Potential Backers

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Eduardo Fonnegra

When on the hunt for funding for your startup, you’ll cross paths with a wide array of investors, each with their unique backgrounds, preferences, and investing strategies. How do you dig beneath the surface to understand these potential backers? This blog post illuminates the fine art of collecting investor information, focusing on understanding what to look for, how to gather it proficiently, and abiding by legal and ethical boundaries in the process.

An investor is more than just a funding source—they can be a partner, advisor, and ally in your startup journey. Thus, knowing more than their name and contact details is imperative. Here are some crucial pieces of information that can prove priceless:

  1. Investment History: Knowing the past investments of a potential backer can provide insights into their investment approach and preferences.
  1. Industry Experience: Investors with prior experience in your domain can bring much more to the table, such as industry-specific advice and connections.
  1. Investment Size and Stage: Understanding their usual investment amount and preferred business stage can help you gauge their suitability for your current funding needs.
  1. Geographic Preferences: Does their investment strategy favor local ventures or are they open to remote or international commitments?
  1. Additional Services: Other than capital, do they offer mentorship, strategic guidance, networking opportunities, or operational support?
  1. Return Expectations and Exit Strategy: What are their expectations in terms of return and preferred exit strategies?

Efficient collection of this data can be done through:

  1. Online Research: Start with the investor’s website or LinkedIn profile. Platforms like AngelList, PitchBook, and Crunchbase can offer deeper insights.
  1. Networking: Attending industry events, startup gatherings, or conferences can create opportunities to understand potential backers better.
  1. Direct Communication: When interacting with potential investors, feel free to inquire about their investment preferences.
  1. Your Network: Connect with founders or startups who have previously been funded by them to gain firsthand insights.

However, in the process of gathering information, it’s crucial to respect privacy and adhere to legal and ethical norms:

  1. Privacy: Respect the privacy of potential investors, sticking to publicly available information or information 

willingly shared.

  1. Accuracy: Ensure the information you collect is accurate and current to avoid misunderstandings or legal troubles.
  1. Consent: If conducting interviews or surveys, ensure you have the participant’s permission.
  1. Use of Information: Limit the usage of gathered information for the intended purpose – to assess the fit with the investor. Misusing this information can damage your reputation and potentially lead to legal problems.
  1. Transparency: Be open about why you’re collecting the information. Honesty builds trust with potential investors.

Remember, gathering information on potential investors is more than just a means to secure investment—it’s about cultivating enduring relationships with those who can contribute the capital, counsel, and connections your startup needs to prosper. Therefore, invest time and effort in understanding your potential investors – it’s an art that can yield long-term rewards.

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