StormX: Facilitating a $500,000 Investment for Narwal Robotics

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Eduardo Fonnegra

Client Overview:

StormX had the opportunity to collaborate with Narwal Robotics, a Hong Kong-based firm leading the world in self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum technology. With their mission centered around harnessing technology and artificial intelligence to ease everyday chores, they aim to enrich quality of life, promote harmony within households, and enable people to pursue their passions freely.

The Challenge:

After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2021 and raising over a million dollars from retail investors, Narwal Robotics sought additional funding for their Series C round. Their goal was to foster relationships with venture capitalists who could help them distribute their product across premium retail stores in the United States.

The Strategy:

Upon onboarding Narwal, StormX kickstarted an in-depth data research process to identify potential investors who matched Narwal’s criteria. We targeted investors with a track record of supporting businesses specializing in smart home technology, AI-driven solutions, and robotics. Over two weeks, we compiled an exhaustive list of over 650 investor contacts, which we incorporated into their StormX account.

In addition to data collection, we devised tailored email scripts for Narwal. These scripts were designed to strike a fine balance between promoting Narwal’s concept and soliciting advice from investors. We’ve found that lengthy, monotonous pitches often fail to engage investors, leading to unread emails. Thus, we offered a unique approach.

After completing data collection and scriptwriting, we swiftly moved into campaign execution using our StormX CRM. In collaboration with the Narwal team, we developed an email campaign and workflows from the ground up. We strategically deployed these workflows using the investor contacts curated for Narwal. After engaging with several investors, we struck gold with Sequoia Capital, China. With Narwal’s past success, they were fully prepared to present their case to Sequoia Capital. Sequoia joined the funding round and also introduced Narwal to other beneficial manufacturers. 


StormX’s dedicated approach and deep understanding of Narwal’s aspirations led to a successful partnership with Sequoia Capita in China. Our commitment to high-quality data, personalized outreach, and strategic campaign execution effectively supported Narwal’s funding ambitions. This case study reaffirms StormX’s core values and demonstrates our belief in the potential of technology to enhance life’s quality. As a result of the successful collaboration with Narwal Robotics and the subsequent investment they secured, we anticipate exciting advances in smart home technology.

What is StormX?

Storm X Capital is an all-in-one investor relations firm that specializes in providing tailored solutions to simplify, systemize, and scale your fundraising efforts with full transparency and no reliance on third-party agencies or brokerages.

Why StormX?

Storm X emerged from a need to rectify the issues plaguing the investor marketing and brokerage sector. Exorbitant retainers and substantial upfront fees have often burdened start-ups—those who are actively seeking to raise funds—leaving them worse off financially than when they began.

With the Storm X System, we empower founders to streamline, systematize, and expand their investor campaigns, all without compromising on the caliber of investor leads or resorting to database spamming.

And the icing on the cake? We’ve eliminated retainer fees entirely.

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